Turn to ART for the ultimate support in effectively managing and efficiently operating installed CASHIO, TITA/CATA and 2PAY terminals.



ART is an innovative, easy-to-use software solution for CountR kiosk management and monitoring. From displaying current inventories to monitoring active logins and transactions, ART’s intuitive interface puts all essential information at your fingertips.

ART main screen



ART is an easy, convenient support tool. You can set up user accounts, configure inventories, and update jackpot payout rules – from your desk with only a few mouse clicks!

Billing and reporting

ART also enables efficient billing and archiving. The software automatically creates log files of customer transactions and inventory data. ART then leverages this data to produce all the reports you need. Reporting is fully customizable to meet your casino’s unique requirements.

ART Web Client

Our new ART Web Client is available for Mobile and Desktop Browsers.


ART’s camera function enables you to take pictures during a transaction and store them alongside the data. This provides invaluable support in discussions with players or investigations of cheating. ART accelerates processes, optimizes reporting, and cuts your costs.

Main features at a glance

  • Central software solution for quick, easy accounting
  • Central monitoring and management tool for CASHIO, TITA/CATA and 2PAY
  • Mobile client for tablets and smartphones available
  • Real-time transaction and fill level status indicator
  • Central management tool for terminal ad placement
  • Central database for archiving all transactions and events
  • Automatic status and error notifications by e-mail
  • ATM management
  • Central service tool for backing up terminals, downloading log files, and installing updates